Richard Kadrey – Covert Culture 2.0 (book review)

There is never enough of review/reference books and Richard Kadrey knew it. Therefore he’s brought also the sequel of sorts to his Covert Culture book from 1993, fittingly named Covert Culture 2.0, and it was out in 1994. Yep, it’s also outdated, but also a real treat. read more

Tarzan versus Predator at the Earth‘s Core (comics series review)

One day I was looking for some nice comics crossover and what stuff I‘ve found! With title consisting of my favourite hunter (Predator, not Tarzan, to be precise), I don‘t need to add it took just an eye-blink before I‘ve started browsing online second-hand bookstores – as the original 4-part limited series was published in 1996, there as no other option anyway (although I have to mention that all 4 separate parts were also published in one volume, available, for example, through Amazon).

Hellblazer: Original Sins (comics book review)

I have to admit, until recently I haven‘t been a comics reader. Of course, I have been aware of so many great titles, and I was never rejecting them, just not being an avid reader or actively looking for them. As a kid in a commie regime, we haven’t had much possibilities to get our hands on comics books, save some regime-approved titles (but those were sooo damn great, to say the least). But as for classics as a Western reader knows them, nope. Nada. Unless you’ve had some connections, then you were able to get a copy of French magazine Pif! which published comics stories (but who knew French, right?). So my love for graphic novels has to be postponed.