Interview with Jimmy Lundmark (Altar)

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Those of you reading my webzine Rubber Axe might be aware of my fondness for old (but timeless, I have to say) stuff, be it music, books or movies. And – by any chance –  if you’ve read my review of Altar’s “Dark Domains” CD, it should be no surprise I have reached out to Jimmy Lundmark, the former guitarist of this mighty Swedish OSDM band, to ask him about times past…

Hello, Jimmy, and many thanks for your time conducting this interview. It might seem like going back to some prehistoric era (and in many regards it might be so), but anyway…can you tell us how did you get into metal music?

Hello Rudolf, thanks for remembering! I found Black Sabbath’s Master of reality in my mother’s record collection when I was about 9 years old, that lead me to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Accept and so on! Longer down that road I found Metallica and Slayer and all those other thrash metal bands! And then I borrowed “Leprosy” from a friend, and you know, that changed my view of metal right there and then!

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Altar – Dark Domains

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End of 1980s, beginning of 1990s. Sweden, Europe. I guess there were many different ways to express your musical soul. One could probably join ABBA tribute band in a local pub, be a roadie for Joey Tempest or Roxette, or dream of founding Ace of Base…or you could be a fucking death metal musician, ladies and gentlemen!

Yes, Sweden of the said era has brought us the finest stuff in OSDM European style – Swedish Death Metal. And while names like Dismember, Entombed, Grave or Unleashed might be well known among the deathsters, there were a few others giants of the genre, gone but not forgotten, who definitely need to be brought back to a new generation of lovers of metal. And why do you read about it here? Well…

One day I‘ve got quite nostalgic and started to search about some old stuff I hadn‘t heard before. Or heard but forgotten. And in old issue of Wild Rags mag I‘ve found mentioned Altar. Not Altar of „Youth Against Christ“ fame, the other one. From Sweden.