Interview with J.R. Preston (part II.)

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No one should cover Metallica!

Lol. I agree. Although Stormlord’s cover of “Creeping Death” is better than original.

When bands cover them, I can’t take them seriously. I heard Cannibal Corpse cover Metallica and it was like the world ended. Why would anyone cover that shitty band?

The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu

I’ve heard the name of Fu-Manchu as a child, but as I had no means to know what the hell is that one about (talk about the availability of pulp literature under the Commies in Czechoslovakia during 1980s), it was only later in my life that I encountered the dreaded Chinese villain.
Only recently I have decided to ease my mind with some good ole pulp stories. I already have some (all?) Fu-Manchu movies in my movie collections (although I haven’t actually watched any of them, believe it or not), so the choice was quite clear.
To my pleasant surprise, I haven’t needed to browse the lists of second-hand dealers with pricy first edition copies, as UK publisher Titan Books has published – not so long ago, in 2012 – this first part of the complete Fu-Manchu series by Sax Rohmer. Talk about bookworm’s delight!
All 14 paperbacks have basically the same cover except the colour of the curtains and the illustration within them are different from one volume to another, and this creates a nice feel of a compact set one can’t help but get to his library. My fate exactly.
Now, for those of you who haven’t encountered this famous pulp fiction, let’s be brief. The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu introduces the aforementioned Chinese genius villain – compared to whom Professor Moriarty of Sherlock Holmes fame would be a mere apprentice – and two (well, three) of the main characters, Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie, who do slightly resemble Doyle’s characters, and Karamaneh, the Oriental slave of Fu-Manchu turned Dr. Petrie’s helper (and, later, his wife).
The story is exactly what the pulp stories are. Straight to the point, no need to bore the reader with a myriads of characters (hello, Mr. Martin!) and gazillions of descriptions. The villain strikes (or is posing to strike) and our heroes run like hell to save the day and the whole White race from the Yellow Peril.
Yes, dear readers, this is a beginning of 20. century and nobody gives a damn about any political correctness. Far from being an offensive read, on the contrary, this novel provides an exact quasi-detailed look into the minds and enviroments of Britain in the dawn of the new era, and the reader is advised to have this in mind when reading this (and following) stories.
If you want to just relax with a great, gripping story and you are already familiar with the resident of Baker Street 221b (and who doesn’t, right?), you can’t go wrong with Smith & Petrie chasing Chinese arch-criminal.
Kudos to Titan Books for bringing these Rohmer’s stories back to print for a modern reader, and as for availability, you should grab them easily either from Titan Books web or from your local Amazon. read more

Interview with J.R. Preston (part I.)

If you ask me how I got to know J.R Preston, the person behind Tjolgtjar and couple of other projects, I honestly can’t remember, if my life would depend on it. Actually, I kinda might remember… looking for some music in 8-bit computer sounds, I went through 8-bit Emperor and Mayhem to Xexyz, J.R’s NESBM (Nintendo Entertainment System Black Metal) project and from the, it was only a small step to get interested to his music and stuff he does.

I wanted to do this interview for a long time – and the time has come. Welcome The Reverend, folks!

Well, hello there, J.R., and thanks for your time doing this interview. First of all, I consider it strange there are not that many interviews with you about any of your projects. Is it intentional from your side (say, refusing to do interviews) or simply just not much interest in your musick?

Interview with Thomas Lewis

I am a HP Lovecraft fan, so I hope you will excuse me, if I continue to explore the theme of Lovecraftiana a little longer. And as a reward, here is a short interview I did for my short-lived web Bandurky na gauču in the end of 2017. read more

Editorial I. (Here I go again…)

…on my own… Well, it’s not really true for me as it could be for David Coverdale, but whatever. Hello and welcome to Rubber Axe zine!!! read more

Lovecraftiana in Music (1. part)

From among the vast numbers of horror and sci-fi authors, none is probably more known, but then also unknown in some way, than the famous Providence man, Howard Philips Lovecraft. We might discriminate against some other great authors with this statement, but Lovecraft has created something which inspired not only his friends and later followers with their literary outputs, mainly in the now well-known Cthulhu Mythos, Lovecraftiana reached to almost every cultural area known to a man. In this article we will look into Lovecraft’s influence of the extreme music.
For that purpose I have contacted several bands which in their works are influenced by Lovecraft’s work. Of course, the band list is not exhausting, some bands didn’t respond, some I might have missed…anyway, enjoy the Lovecraftiana in Music! read more

The illustration of Skull Dungeon netlabel

Skull Dungeon netlabel

(Note: this interview was done in the end of 2017).

Lorenzo Magni (Skull Dungeon label)From the bits and bytes (and megabytes and gigabytes….ok, you’ve got the picture) of the forgotten side of the World Wide Web hails this nice underground net-label, founded by my two good friends, Lorenzo (otherwise known as the singer of Septulchu and Enbilulugugal) and Izedis (founder of – surprise, surprise! – Enbilulugugal). And because friends support each other, I’ve decided to promote this collection of filthy, dirty, unlistenable sounds and noises to you, unexpected readers of Rubber Axe webzine.
Prepare to get dirty. Really, really dirty. You’ve been warned. read more

The image of Wolfbastard's album

Wolfbastard – Graveyard Sessions

Hey, this one’s fucking good! A few days ago UKEM Records has released awesome album by those Mancunians (i.e. Manchester based) and I’ll be damned if I don’t get a good look (ok, the ear actually) to this nice short album. read more

Cover of the Video Spinegrinder

Grinding with the Video Spinegrinder

Since I‘ve started to get interested into a serious movie watching, I’ve found a treasure of books, magazines and zines to get info from.  And being (still) also an avid book/mag/zine reader, it’s suited my needs perfectly.
One book I’ve found only later, is the gigant paperback called Video SPINEGRINDER. Written by Clive Davies, it was published by Headpress in 2015.
read more


Wyrok – To The Last Drop of Blood (album review)

Country or origin? Poland. It doesn’t automatically mean you could expect absolute quality, of course, but in the case of WYROK it just confirms that Polish metal scene is really going strong. read more