It’s 2019, let’s kick some ass!

It’s 2019, we’ve happily survived all 365 days of 2018 and it’s “business as usual”, so to speak.

But let’s have a look at 2018, for that was the year Rubber Axe webzine came to life. And as a newborn, it still somewhat tries to find its firm footing, although the goals are set and so far, they’re not gonna change. We’ll strive to bring you as much interesting reading as we are possible, there might be changes in the design of the web, but nothing major, I think.

As you know, we’re not elitists, in the sense of sticking to some particular genre and to hell with everything else. Therefore you will find anything and everything on the pages of Rubber Axe webzine. If some author likes something and wants to write about it, great, let’s get it published!

This is the attitude which has helped me to discover so much of a wonderful stuff – be it within the music, books, movies, games… so while I have no problem with anyone prefering one or two genres to everything else, RA won’t follow that route, therefore don’t complain, it will fall on deaf ears.

In 2018 we published some nice interviews and I am eternally grateful to all of these wonderful persons responding to our questions. You can be bet your last wage we will continue interrogating and asking even unpleasant questions (OK, not really, we’re nice folks), already some great inties are being worked on, so you can look forward to enjoy some interesting reading.

The one area I’d like to see more progress in is Books section, I have piles of book lined up to be read and reviewed, alas, for some time it was almost impossible, but I view it as a great challenge to be conquered in 2019. Cross your fingers!

All in all, it’s gonna be a great year for all of us. Let’s enjoy the ride.

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