It ain‘t over until it’s over

As I’ve announced the last week, I’d decided to put the webzine on ice for some future, first, to sort out things which need to be sorted (because there are a few) and to prepare for a next chapter in the existence of this publishing outlet.

I thought, I might have an interview or two, and that would be it. Farewell, see you later, if ever. Life goes on. And there’s “Let It Be” still in my headphones, even right now as I write this editorial and it’s weird.

Hardly I knew I would actually manage to assemble quite an interesting bunch of stuff in reviews and interviews, and pondering over it, the music, ideas, words… you know I don’t want to leave it just like that. Fuck no, I don’t let it be. I can’t.

It might be tough, true. As you’ve witnessed (though I doubt anyone actually noticed), there were breaks in publishing, either because of my low mood and running on fumes, or because of the family life taking precedence. Life happens and that’s good.

But it ain’t over until it’s over.

A father to two little perpetuum mobiles called kids, Rudolf is a main force behind The Rubber Axe webzine, a bookworm, musick lover and a movie fan - not to mention his virgin forays into the comics and board/card games.

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First week in…

Yeah, it’s been a week since the format change. Not that I expect many would notice – we live in a fast-paced world, receiving, digesting and spitting out the information with a click not thinking twice about it.

For myself, though, I think the decision to change the Rubber Axe to a weekly publication schedule was the right one. It indeed has given me more time to pursue not only my writing (or the lame excuse for it, lol), but also more time to start some new ventures, of which it’s very early to talk about, but in the right time I’ll spill a word or two.

Meanwhile, we are still in this Covid-19 chaos, but apparently, things getting back to old normal, slowly….I am not gonna dwell on it, as everyone is talking about it, and I just don’t want to. Que serra, serra. Whatever.

I hope you’ve had a splendid week anyway and I hope you’ll gonna have even better with this one starting today. It’s my hope some article or review from the Rubber Axe webzine, my little publication, will be a part of the reason to smile as well.

It’s 2019, let’s kick some ass!

It’s 2019, we’ve happily survived all 365 days of 2018 and it’s “business as usual”, so to speak.

But let’s have a look at 2018, for that was the year Rubber Axe webzine came to life. And as a newborn, it still somewhat tries to find its firm footing, although the goals are set and so far, they’re not gonna change. We’ll strive to bring you as much interesting reading as we are possible, there might be changes in the design of the web, but nothing major, I think.

As you know, we’re not elitists, in the sense of sticking to some particular genre and to hell with everything else. Therefore you will find anything and everything on the pages of Rubber Axe webzine. If some author likes something and wants to write about it, great, let’s get it published!

This is the attitude which has helped me to discover so much of a wonderful stuff – be it within the music, books, movies, games… so while I have no problem with anyone prefering one or two genres to everything else, RA won’t follow that route, therefore don’t complain, it will fall on deaf ears.

In 2018 we published some nice interviews and I am eternally grateful to all of these wonderful persons responding to our questions. You can be bet your last wage we will continue interrogating and asking even unpleasant questions (OK, not really, we’re nice folks), already some great inties are being worked on, so you can look forward to enjoy some interesting reading.

The one area I’d like to see more progress in is Books section, I have piles of book lined up to be read and reviewed, alas, for some time it was almost impossible, but I view it as a great challenge to be conquered in 2019. Cross your fingers!

All in all, it’s gonna be a great year for all of us. Let’s enjoy the ride.

Ov adverts and editing

Hello, hello, dear friends, the time has come again to share with you some thoughts about what‘s going on behind the curtain of what is known as Rubber Axe webzine.

Well, so far – so good, I‘d say. You‘ve probably noticed our new template, which we will use from now on (at least for some time), it did cost money (they say that best things in life are free, but don‘t believe the hype, you only get as much quality as you pay for), but it also did simplify some things for the website, so we can‘t complain. OK, there are still some areas to explore, but we‘ll get there when necessary.

New WordPress is here, finally, now in the 5.0 version and bringing with it a new text editor called Gutenberg, we‘ve switched to it, especially when WP team announced they will only support this one in the future. Well, all said and done, it seems that the classic WP editor will still be available and maintained and I‘ve encountered at least one issue with re-formatting the old article written in the classic editor into the Gutenberg editor. It kinda pissed me off, cos‘ I wanted to add some images to the article I‘ve published previous to the switch, but hey…whatever. It shouldn‘t be a problem anymore, as the staff will use just Gutenberg. I’ll still think they shouldn’t fix what wasn’t broken in the first place, but I’m not in charge, so let’s just go with the flow.

One more thing I‘d like to share with you is the inclusion of adverts on the site. I, as the editor-in-chief and the owner of Rubber Axe webzine, have been contemplating advertising from the very beginning, although I have to admit I couldn‘t determine 100 per cent to go with ads or not at all. Let‘s be honest, we all have enough ads through the day on various websites, social media, TV etc. not to have any more else unless absolutely necessary. That‘s my feeling too.

On the other hand, nobody can argue what‘s little the ad revenue could bring (if anything at all, obviously) can help running the site, help us getting more stuff to review etc.

So in the end I‘ve decided to test run the ad section, but I‘d like to show only relevant ads – that means, ads for various labels, publishers, movie producers, distros etc., related to what we cover. Well, I believe in supporting the underground and action speaks louder than words, doesn‘t it? And because I am fully aware what advertising budgets little distros or labels operate with (which is in most cases zero or very close to it), it would be ridiculous to ask for money to run those ads. Well, we sure as hell will (probably) run some monetized ads (although it‘s not 100 per cent), but in case you‘re a zine publisher, label, distro, band, clothing company and you‘d like to get your stuff promoted here, on Rubber Axe website, get in touch with us and we would work something out, that‘s for sure.

Editorial III. (Tides of good news)

First third in this year‘s month of November and what a week itwas! First, I‘ve got some good news from my place of work (well, atleast I hope them to be good) about my final transfer frommessed-up-biorythm-and-broken-sleep nightshifts to a morefamily-acceptable mornings, so although I‘m obviously taking a hitand getting little less money, this setback is substituted by moretime to work on the webzine and a few other things I‘ve planned butso far haven‘t time to start.

Next, I‘ve finally been able to buy Zero Tolerance again! I‘ve stopped buying it still living in my previous place of residence due to not quite small problems with reading the fonts back then. And I couldn‘t find a copy in this dreaded town I‘m here now! Fortunately, good folks in the ZT office directed me to only newsstand in Burnley offering it, and I was able to secure apparently the only copy of the current issue. And I can report with delight the fonts are readable and the quality of writing is still excellent.

But my greatest joy (ok, probably the second greatest just a bit behind my work news) is the release of long-awaited-by-yours-truly issue #11 of the superb, one-and-only cinema megazine Weng‘s Chop!!!! That‘s right, folks, since I‘ve bough the issue number #4 as my first encounter with WCH, they‘ve quickly become my favourite movie-related magazine. And I am not ashamed to unashamedly promote it (believe me, I‘m not paid for that!).

So I guess we have a lot of stuff to cover, but looking forward to the near future, we should be able to produce stuff more often now.

Yeah, good news indeed!

The bad news, sort of..well, it‘s not really bad news, of course, it‘s just a thought occured to me while I‘ve been browsing and reading aforementioned Zero Tolerance. Fuck, so many great albums released…and not so much money to buy them all! True, I‘m writing mainly about the older stuff as I‘m well behind everything (lol), so I need a serious catching up, and lot of stuff I try to cover exists in a digital form only, but the overwhelming offerings from many labels and stuff released by bands themselves, man, one just simply can‘t cover them all. It‘s hard to love music sometimes…

But enough of complaining, haha. Whatever we can cover in the Rubber Axe – we will. And that‘s the final verdict, because I say so. 🙂

Have a great day, good folks.

Editorial II.

Oh, what a week it was – although I was about to switch my „moneymaking“ job from working night to a day shift tomorrow, it‘s not gonna happen…yet. Well, as good ole Mick Jagger would say, „You can‘t always get what you want“, right? Anyway, with the night work going on and my biorythm being still messed up, I am still happy to be as productive as I am of lately (although I am sure with our presence still not visible on the net not many people took notice), but at least I can‘t use my insomnia times for something useful.

And I am glad to have a few good folks aboard as well. That‘s a big change from my intial editorial, isn‘t it? On one hand, of course, it‘s so much easier to work alone, your own pace and not being limited by anyone or anything, but in a long run – it sucks. And it drains energy. You know, I can‘t really cover all genres and things I‘d love to, as I am simply not proficient enough in some to even write something general. Therefore I asked some nice folks to assist me here and I hope we all will enjoy this little collaboration.

And although first I have envisioned The Rubber Axe to be a bastard little brother of Metal Hammer (lol, indeed, the title has come to me when I‘ve read about the averted-in-the-last-minute bankrupcy of Metal Hammer a few months ago) truly and only dedicated to extreme music in all its forms, it simply grows to cover stuff I like. I am not gonna play elitist pseudo-games of „trve kvlt“ and stuff like that – mainstream, underground, fringe or focused on total commercionalism, as long as we like it, we will write about it. Of course, the main focus is to promote artists to help them get more coverage (although some might not need it, being famous enough), but what the heck…from obscure noise acts to eurodancefloor, from minimalist drone doom ambient to furious raw black metal, from mainstream cinema to fringe homemade Z-grade stuff, from classic literature and music to pulps and comics…you will find it all through The Rubber Axe webzine.

Last but not least – if you feel like wanting to write something, be it a review, article, promo, scene/gig report, or to to conduct an interview, don‘t hesitate to give us a shout.

And that‘s all for an update. We‘re not going anywhere anytime soon, that‘s our promise. So make yourself comfortable, pour someting tasty for yourself and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Editorial I. (Here I go again…)

…on my own… Well, it’s not really true for me as it could be for David Coverdale, but whatever. Hello and welcome to Rubber Axe zine!!!

Of course, I am well aware that this thingy is nothing else but an another addition to the great volume of another pages/webs like it, slumbering in the bits and bytes of a dark side of the web where the Sun doesn’t shine, and I am also well aware that I don’t give a fuck. It is alive and I will try to keep it alive as long as possible and, if possible, make it better and better. But we all make these promises, lol, aren’t we?

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