It ain‘t over until it’s over

As I’ve announced the last week, I’d decided to put the webzine on ice for some future, first, to sort out things which need to be sorted (because there are a few) and to prepare for a next chapter in the existence of this publishing outlet.

I thought, I might have an interview or two, and that would be it. Farewell, see you later, if ever. Life goes on. And there’s “Let It Be” still in my headphones, even right now as I write this editorial and it’s weird.

Hardly I knew I would actually manage to assemble quite an interesting bunch of stuff in reviews and interviews, and pondering over it, the music, ideas, words… you know I don’t want to leave it just like that. Fuck no, I don’t let it be. I can’t.

It might be tough, true. As you’ve witnessed (though I doubt anyone actually noticed), there were breaks in publishing, either because of my low mood and running on fumes, or because of the family life taking precedence. Life happens and that’s good.

But it ain’t over until it’s over.

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