Grindhouse Purgatory #12

New Grindhouse Purgatory is out, folks, and this time it’s a special issue dedicated to the one-and-only Something Weird Video!

Well, GP, along with Weng’s Chop and Monster! are the only running mags/zines I currently buy and read, as they basically bring the stuff I really want to read.

I know there are a few others worthy of reading, but being usually of American origin and not readily available through Amazon’s CreateSpace, I am not that rich to spend shitloads of money on postage – yeah, fuck USPS – so I have to go without reading them and UK’s own Dark Side and Infinity magazine don’t really grab my attention, sorry.

So, what do we have here? If you are a GP reader already, you know what to expect, but for those newbies, let me give you a quick look through the pages.

GP is, as you might know by now, a exploitation culture zine. I’ve written “culture”, as it deals not only with exploitation movies (of all different themes, be it horror, vintage porn or monster movies), but also about old time wrestling stuff, so it’s definitely covering a whole broad range of this culture corner.

This brand new issue brings a Farewell to Bruno Sammartino, the wrestling legend, who has recently passed away in the age of 82, and the rest of this issue deals with aforementioned Something Weird Video label.

I have to say I’ve acquired quite a few SWV DVDs (not as many as I’d want to, though), and it is definitely amongst my favourite labels, so to buy this issue was a no-brainer. I really enjoyed the interview with Lisa Petrucci, current owner of SWV, readers can find a nice sketches about late and great Mike Vraney, the founder of SWV, David Friedman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, William Grefe and bunch of other interesting articles I didn’t have the time to completely devour (and knowing myself, I will re-read the issue at least 4-5 times to find every interesting movie to get).

Good thing is not only to deal with usual stuff (spaghetti western, horror etc), but also not so often mentioned educational and other special interest movies from vaults of SWV, so this is definitely a thumb up, and maybe one of the highlights of the issue (I know, I am weird).

To this day I regret not to be able to secure a copy of SWV print catalog (see the article about it), so maybe someone from readers of this review would help me with that, even in PDF format? Well, fingers crossed here!

To sum it up, GP staff has delivered another mighty issue and I have to say, it gets better and better. So, if you are a fan of exploitation genre or just want to test the waters, you can’t go wrong with getting yourself a copy, or – better still – go and grab them all. And thank me later.

Grab this issue here

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