Editorial III. (Tides of good news)

First third in this year‘s month of November and what a week itwas! First, I‘ve got some good news from my place of work (well, atleast I hope them to be good) about my final transfer frommessed-up-biorythm-and-broken-sleep nightshifts to a morefamily-acceptable mornings, so although I‘m obviously taking a hitand getting little less money, this setback is substituted by moretime to work on the webzine and a few other things I‘ve planned butso far haven‘t time to start.

Next, I‘ve finally been able to buy Zero Tolerance again! I‘ve stopped buying it still living in my previous place of residence due to not quite small problems with reading the fonts back then. And I couldn‘t find a copy in this dreaded town I‘m here now! Fortunately, good folks in the ZT office directed me to only newsstand in Burnley offering it, and I was able to secure apparently the only copy of the current issue. And I can report with delight the fonts are readable and the quality of writing is still excellent.

But my greatest joy (ok, probably the second greatest just a bit behind my work news) is the release of long-awaited-by-yours-truly issue #11 of the superb, one-and-only cinema megazine Weng‘s Chop!!!! That‘s right, folks, since I‘ve bough the issue number #4 as my first encounter with WCH, they‘ve quickly become my favourite movie-related magazine. And I am not ashamed to unashamedly promote it (believe me, I‘m not paid for that!).

So I guess we have a lot of stuff to cover, but looking forward to the near future, we should be able to produce stuff more often now.

Yeah, good news indeed!

The bad news, sort of..well, it‘s not really bad news, of course, it‘s just a thought occured to me while I‘ve been browsing and reading aforementioned Zero Tolerance. Fuck, so many great albums released…and not so much money to buy them all! True, I‘m writing mainly about the older stuff as I‘m well behind everything (lol), so I need a serious catching up, and lot of stuff I try to cover exists in a digital form only, but the overwhelming offerings from many labels and stuff released by bands themselves, man, one just simply can‘t cover them all. It‘s hard to love music sometimes…

But enough of complaining, haha. Whatever we can cover in the Rubber Axe – we will. And that‘s the final verdict, because I say so. 🙂

Have a great day, good folks.

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