Editorial II.

Oh, what a week it was – although I was about to switch my „moneymaking“ job from working night to a day shift tomorrow, it‘s not gonna happen…yet. Well, as good ole Mick Jagger would say, „You can‘t always get what you want“, right? Anyway, with the night work going on and my biorythm being still messed up, I am still happy to be as productive as I am of lately (although I am sure with our presence still not visible on the net not many people took notice), but at least I can‘t use my insomnia times for something useful.

And I am glad to have a few good folks aboard as well. That‘s a big change from my intial editorial, isn‘t it? On one hand, of course, it‘s so much easier to work alone, your own pace and not being limited by anyone or anything, but in a long run – it sucks. And it drains energy. You know, I can‘t really cover all genres and things I‘d love to, as I am simply not proficient enough in some to even write something general. Therefore I asked some nice folks to assist me here and I hope we all will enjoy this little collaboration.

And although first I have envisioned The Rubber Axe to be a bastard little brother of Metal Hammer (lol, indeed, the title has come to me when I‘ve read about the averted-in-the-last-minute bankrupcy of Metal Hammer a few months ago) truly and only dedicated to extreme music in all its forms, it simply grows to cover stuff I like. I am not gonna play elitist pseudo-games of „trve kvlt“ and stuff like that – mainstream, underground, fringe or focused on total commercionalism, as long as we like it, we will write about it. Of course, the main focus is to promote artists to help them get more coverage (although some might not need it, being famous enough), but what the heck…from obscure noise acts to eurodancefloor, from minimalist drone doom ambient to furious raw black metal, from mainstream cinema to fringe homemade Z-grade stuff, from classic literature and music to pulps and comics…you will find it all through The Rubber Axe webzine.

Last but not least – if you feel like wanting to write something, be it a review, article, promo, scene/gig report, or to to conduct an interview, don‘t hesitate to give us a shout.

And that‘s all for an update. We‘re not going anywhere anytime soon, that‘s our promise. So make yourself comfortable, pour someting tasty for yourself and have fun. That’s what it’s all about.

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