My, oh, my… OK, I was inspired (a little) by the article about Hallmark Christmas movies in Weng’s Chop megazine issue #10 by Casey Bohn and because it’s about THAT time of the year where we can experience a new season of those made-for-TV movies, I’ve said to myself, what the heck, let’s do it!

So I am here chronicling my (pre-)Christmas TV adventures.

This year’s Hallmark kicked the season by the end of October with Christmas Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses. And believe it or not, I’ve sat down and watched it. The whole thing.

3 minutes in the movie I was feeling my sugar levels are skyrocketing, but after a while I’d got it under control.

The movie is exactly what one could expect from Hallmark. Sugary, romantic tale of two people getting to know each other and falling in love in the end. Of course, nothing you haven’t seen a milion times before.

Abbey and her son
Abbey and her son

Abbey (a veteran TV actor Jill Wagner) is a single mother and an interior designer, who’s asked to do a job for her older wealthy friend, Caroline Sinclair, bumped into a stranger while rushing to meet her dad and son for the Christmas tree celebration. Well, technically, he’s bumped into her. But the important thing is – and it’s kinda predictable – the guy is Caroline’s son Nick, who is a busy businessman and important guy.

…and Abbey almost haven’t got the job, but as it usually is in this kind of movies, she delivers a strong message and Nick changes his mind and hires her. Not that his senior vice-president likes it much, but hey, it’s the decision.

Pretty interesting is the exchange of the new interiol designer Abbey and Kate Newhall (aforementioned VP) as this is exactly stuff I hate business people for. Full of themselves and looking only at the bottom line. Well, FU. But it’s nothing major, this is a Christmas romantic movie.

Abbey got acquainted by Dr. Mike Acosta (Brandon Quinn), and that brings some old fashioned tension, as Nick, who slowly warms to Abbey (and not without her warming up to him, also slowly) is little jealous of Mike.

Caroline and Abbey

Anyway, you know how it ends, don’t you. This is, in the end, a modern Christmas fairytale, where all are happy and nice, nothing goes wrong, our two folks get together and one can just feel the Christmas spirit filling the room along with the cinammon and vanilla. I know, it’s early, but why not (I like cinnamon, damn!)

I will confess, I like romantic movies (although not all of them) and especially romantic comedies (again, not all of them), and although this one won’t hurt for one-and-only viewing (which, I guess it’s aiming for anyway), I still cherish my copies of You Got Mail and Kate & Leopold, which, although not in the same category of Christmas TV movies, are much more fun.

So, first of the Hallmark Christmas movies is finished. Soon enough there will be few more to conquer! Bring it on!

But still…it’s soooo sugary..beware of diabetes!