Pathogen/Trepanación/Death Invoker/Bloodcut/Anguish (5-way split promo CDr review)

It’s so good to be back in the solitude of my living room, with the headphones firmly on my ears and embracing the grinding beats, killer basslines, deadly riffs and vokills to …well, kill for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am complaining about the family life (because I will never do that), but lately it has become quite a difficult to enjoy the extreme music during the daytime, so, your Rubber Axeman Rudolf had to become a musical vampire and do his stuff in the still of the night, lol. read more

Horrible Creatures – Internal Decline (EP review)

Some time ago my friend Ganzy from the Czech hardcore band Konfront (regular readers might recall the review of their album “Individuality” in the Rubber Axe) has sent me this digital promo to review and I think to clear the backlog I have amassed during my little break, it’s time to give it a listen, what do you think? Yeah, I knew you’d agree. read more

skulls on the CD cover

Dies Holocaustum – Scorched Promised Land (digital album review)

Since I’ve arrived to the UK I’d been wondering why metal is not more popular on these shores. Think about it – how many great metal bands from Britain you know? Yeah, exactly, quite a loads from basically every metal genre. But, unfortunately, metal is definitely underground here in the UK. Good thing? Bad? Hard to say, but what’s definitely a great thing is the fact there are so many bands to discover in what amounts to almost endless suply. read more


Wyrok – To The Last Drop of Blood (album review)

Country or origin? Poland. It doesn’t automatically mean you could expect absolute quality, of course, but in the case of WYROK it just confirms that Polish metal scene is really going strong. read more