Country Joe – Vietnam Experience (CD review)

I would never have guessed to be listening to Country Joe McDonald. It’s basically, to quote Phil Collins, against all odds. But here I am, listening to “Vietnam Experience” CD, Joe’s 1985 album. And not only that, I am writing a review of it. 35 years old album? Hell yeah, folks! read more

Tjolgtjar - Hallowen CD cover

Tjolgtjar – Halloween (CD review)

It’s almost Halloweeen (well, at the time of this writing, it’s tomorrow and it’s great, because I have Friday off the work, yay!) and I’d be damned if I don’t spend thime before sleep with some appropriate music. And it’s finally time I can put that little disc I’ve got from J. R. into the player, because what is better (OK, except putting the original Carpenter’s score on repeat loop) than Tjolgtjar’s surprising album from 2007 titled, well… “Halloween”? read more