Acid Shower / Holy Co$t (split CD review)

Acid Shower and Holy Co$t are two more bands I am not familiar with, but got the CD with the package I’ve bought from Olga Lazarus (check my interview with this active female) from Thoracophagus Records (and you can be sure I’ll go through it all eventually). read more

Rectum Pummelling Over Roswell (4-way split review)

And after somewhat acceptable tunes for a majority of metalheads in a form of Horrible Creatures’ latest EP, I’ve had the pleasure (no matter how questionable) to jump head first into the nice dark brown waters of goregrind/porngrind underground. read more

Cannibe 3 way split cover

Cannibe / Marasmo / Ripping Organs – 3 way split (CD review)

And now for something more melodic, amigos! Obviously, after a few HNW sessions everything with a riff will be melodic, but don’t let my intro confuse you – we’re in the goregrind territory, with the scene veteran Italians Cannibe, pornogrind Marasmo and grindcore project Ripping Organs. Yay! read more