Murtad – Promo 2017 (music review)

OK, this one is aged a little, but that absolutely doesn’t have any inpact on the musick and popularity of this Indonesian band clearly indicated it. read more

1984 Dystopia EP cover

1984 – Dystopia (digital EP review)

Recently I’ve decided to delve deeper into the Indonesian underground. The reason is simple and I think it shouldn’t be a surprise. Indonesian extreme music scene is one hell of a source of fuckin’ sick bands! And during my quest I’ve come across this great death/black(ened) crust band from East Java (Indonesia) and their EP named “Dystopia”. read more

Carnivoriumycally – Demo 2019

After two days of hectic working in the regular, paying job I am back on track with another batch of reviews and – hopefully – some interviews thrown in as well. One never knows here, that’s for sure! read more

Removal Surgery – Demo 2017 (CDr review)

Now, how much brutal death metal can you take? Still craving more? OK, I hear ya. So does Removal Surgery. Who are they? read more

Analectomy – Promo 2017 (CDr review)

And while I’m in the mood, I’ve put another disc from Dede (Inhuman Production) into my player and this time it is Analectomy. read more

Kakaradeath – Promo 2018 (CD review)

Wow, I haven’t reviewed an actual promo for some time and this one, from Kakaradeath, is a nice one indeed! read more