At Their Mercy – Disawowed (digital release review)

Do you recall my review of Aggressus’ 2008 demo I’ve posted the other day? Well, if you do, good news for you, At Their Mercy’s artillery is served by the same guy, Dominic “Dom” Hardy. And I have to say he has his hands full here as well! read more

Various Artists – Tunes To Warm The Heart (compilation review)

Look what we have received! An early access to this nice compilation from Klast Records, according to their own description “Raw Indie Punk Label”. It’s their debut compilation and due to be officially released on August 2nd (this year, so obviously, 2019, just in case you’re reading this review like 50 years later, you know). read more

Virtue of Lions – Blood In The Water (EP review)

NJ own metallic hardcore act Virtue of Lions has recently released its new material in the form of “Blood In The Water” EP, available from Bandcamp, and just because, we’ll have a look…OK, a listen. read more

Bala Perdida / Ignicion – Ruidosa Hermandad (split review)

I guess it’s evident that I like many genres of music. Although some of my tastes might seem ridiculous and WTF?, I prefer not to be confined within just a few genres, doing this would make me miss quite a lot of interesting stuff. read more

Konfront – Individuality (album review)

I was surprised to learn that Ganzy, the former guitarist of Useless Sacrifice, whose demo I‘ve reviewed a few weeks ago, is currently playing in some punk/HC band. Well, as I am natural born curious being, I need to know more. read more

Section H8 – Phase One (album review)

I have to admit I love the mismatching of the genres on BC, this one was supposed to be some punk, but boy, punk it is not! Hardcore as fuck, 5 tracks in 8 minutes and 24 seconds of pure hardcore sonic violence – this is Section H8 from Los Angeles, California. One of the nice finds on Bandcamp indeed, but I have a hard time to find any information about the band, I guess I need to get in touch with the band to find out, well, I guess not everyone likes the popularity social media can bring.  read more