CDr split cover for those gorenoise artists

What? Another gorenoise review?Epidemic Pain/SxCxRx CDr split review

Feline Hemorroids / HxPxS – Human Scumbag Asphyxiated In A Trash Can Infected With Fermente Cockroaches And Then Left Overerd In A Redneck House For Cannibalistic Feast (CDr review)

C-T/CxLxC – Repugnant Pathological Exhumations (CDr split review)

Do you remember me posting that nice pic of 5 gorenoise CDrs I’ve bought from Subliminal Facial Productions? Well, you might, you might not, whatever. Yours truly has already reviewed a mini CDr split of Drowned Afterbirth/ExCxLxCxCxBxPxCxTxSx “A Bullose Epidermolysis” and now it’s time to check another release, this time with the grandiose gorenoise projects Campylobactosislagoonseatrashmeglylysisaquaticstasisialectomy (C-T) and Corpus Lutem Cyst (CxLxCx) under the title “Repugnant Pathological Exhumations”. Yes, it’s still in the title of the review, I know. read more