Costectomy/Nyctophagia – “Drone Hunting Missionaries For Sport” (a 2021 split review)

After some time spent checking not so usual music with my other webpage Indokult, dedicated to the Indonesian music , I’ve started craving some more unhinged underground music again. To be precise, good old goregrind and gorenoise. No, I won’t call it a “fix”, haha, but truth is – sometimes it’s just what the doctor has ordered. You know…going full circle and so forth… read more

VA – Gorenoise megasplit vol. 1

It’s been quite a while since I’d reviewed anything gorenoise related. Gorenoise Megasplit volume 1, the compilation I’m going to write a few words about, was sent to me by our friends in the Italian label Nosevomit Records quite a long time ago, and I am ashamed to have waited for so long before reviewing it. Well, time to wait is over, let’s have a look how ugly this boy turned out to be! read more

Acid Shower / Holy Co$t (split CD review)

Acid Shower and Holy Co$t are two more bands I am not familiar with, but got the CD with the package I’ve bought from Olga Lazarus (check my interview with this active female) from Thoracophagus Records (and you can be sure I’ll go through it all eventually). read more

3-way goregrind split cover

The Corpse Is A Silent Witness Who Never Lies A Case Report (3-way split review)

This album opens with Botched Anastomosis J-Pouch. On their FB they describe or label themselves as “mincing noisy goregrind”. And I’m glad they do because it’s a spot on description. read more

Rectum Pummelling Over Roswell (4-way split review)

And after somewhat acceptable tunes for a majority of metalheads in a form of Horrible Creatures’ latest EP, I’ve had the pleasure (no matter how questionable) to jump head first into the nice dark brown waters of goregrind/porngrind underground. read more

Ekzema – Donor of Gore (CD review)

Honestly, I am not sure if that’s a CD or a CD-R, and I don’t think it’s relevant, but anyway… Ekzema features Olga Tlen on vocals and Cadaverist on guitars (plus, as usual, automated drums) and on this particular release listeners are about to enjoy a short, but very pleasant material. read more

Massive Gore Bulge / Cop stench split cover

MxGxBx / Cop Stench – split (digital release review)

Interesting split, this one. Max and his Massive Gore Bulge project (or MxGxBx for short, and you know I’ve interviewed him, right) got featured on not one, two…neither on three, but on 4 splits in less than a month! And while his splits with Leucodistrofia and Subhuman Scum still continue in a way of his beginnings in a pure gorenoise (referring to 2018 demo, of course), interestingly, with “Trapped in the Harsh Reality of Pain” release, and split with Septic Convulsion we’re getting more of a goregrind diet than gorenoise. Not that I would complain. read more

Water Bottle Bong / job4abrokeback / Zombie Raiders (digital 3-way split review)

During the conversation after finishing our video interview Ian Berling has mentioned the upcoming 3-way split which would feature his band Zombie Raiders. And to his surprise (and my delight), the material was already released just a day before! Talk about good timing! read more

Anus Tumor/Nephrectomy/Gangrene Discharge (3-way CD split)4

What a surprise – and a pleasant one! I’ve encountered Nephrectomy and Gangrene Discharge previously, so I’d known what to expect, but – thanks to Samuele Lami from Eyes Of The Dead Productions – this was my first time I’ve been exposed to Anus Tumor and their offering, which, although not really goregrind, it’s perfect. read more

Neuropathy CD cover

Neuropathy – A Purulent Mass of Infant Cadavers (CD review)

Released in 2019 through Eyes of the Dead Production (Italy), Neuropathy offers 9 songs of pure goregrind to please the ears of pathological lovers of anatomy. And just to let you know, they are linked to another material (namely, Drowned Afterbirth) I’ve reviewed back in 2019… read more