Ryosuke Kiyasu – Continue as Though it were Flowing Water (digital promo review)

One half Sete Star Sept, Ryosuke Kiyasu and his improvisation drumming release “Continue as Though it were Flowing Water” is the second of the 3 new limited releases from the Austrian label Magnesia Nova label from Salzburg. read more

Fallen Baby Angel

Fallen Baby Angel – drag light in the darkness (digital release review)

I’ve got a notification from the Bandcamp about Fallen Baby Angel material being just released today, and having nothing particularly important to do, I’ve decided to check it out, because, you know…why not? read more

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work split

Shitnoise Bastards / Dental Work – split (CDr review)

Ah, the lovely sound of noise in the morning! Guys, seriously, I have to say I’ve really missed listening to music and writing reviews for the last week or so while being busy with my (now previous) employment. But a very important lesson learned – 12 hours shifts suck (they always did) and you can’t do much with such a working schedule. read more

Camecrude – Enclave I (digital release review)

Did you really think we’re gonna move to something more melodic? Nah, that’s not gonna happen anytime soon (or it might, one never knows here). read more

Avery McKenzie – Flesheaters (digital release review)

Avery McKenzie is an electronic artist – but a musical one… not a noise one. Everyone knows by now that I don’t care about noise. I lost interest 500 “bands” into it and everyone’s stuff starts to sound like static. I have soft spots for certain pioneers of the genre and for artists who come from a more musical bent with their noise instead of “wow this is harsh.” read more