Projekt203 – Demolačná čata (USB release review)

Starting off with “Memento Mori” Sissi’s voice entrances me and I’m already caught in a spell… at the 1:00 mark the music hits in a different, surprising way which I found extremely cool. I love being blindsided like that. When Ondrej’s voice hits I said “hell yes!” And then they both duet, and all is right with the world. read more

ViVi Vex

ViVi Vex – Transmission 1: Iconoclastic F4g0t (EP review)

Been sent this via my IG account and as I haven’t listened to anything EBM/electronic related for quite a some time, you know, there’s really no reason not to give it a try. read more

Projekt203 - Nevhodný Obsah EP cover

Projekt203 – Nevhodný Obsah (EP review)

Ah.. Projekt203, my heart skips a beat.

Lately I haven’t been reviewing much, as I have been busy with my music and bands and blah, who cares? The other day my editor Rudolf informed me that my favorite Slovakian electropop band had new material out, and there is no fucking way I’m not writing about it. read more

Liya – Listen (digital release)

How long was it since we review anything electronic? Quite long, I guess, but thanks to William Zimmerman from New Dark Ages PR I have an opportunity to immerse myself into the sweet notes of artificial sounds and sound landscapes. Here comes Liya. read more

PROJEKT203 – Replay (2000-2016) (digital release review)

Projekt203 is a band I didn’t know of until recently, when my friend and Rubber Axe’s editor-in-chief Rudolf turned me on to them. He knows my love of female-fronted pop acts, and suggested this band. read more

Worsaw – A Lesson In Violence (album review)

We’ve got another nice album to review from Machine Man Records, this time it’s Worsaw’s “A Lesson In Violence” and from the first tones I know I’m gonna like it. Oh man… read more

Krebs – Corvus (digital release review)

I’ve received this nice digital promo from Machine Man Records, a New Jersey (USA) label specializing in electronic/industrial/metal underground music – so let’s have a look what do we have here. read more

Projekt203 – Singles (album review)

It is no secret I like various music genres. Although I think it’s quite a leap from brutal death metal or grindcore to dance tunes, but that’s exactly me. And while I am still enjoying extreme riffs and blastbeats, I do remember also the days (long gone) of dancing not a few nights away. read more