Congenital Deformity – Sacrifice (digital release review)

My mate Michele Labratti (whom you might remember from the interview here) is back with a brand new Congenital Deformity material, released just before this dreaded year is finished. Good decision, you can remember 2020 for this album, not for shit it has carried for its whole duration. read more

Vomit Spawn – Vomography (digital release review)

Vomit Spawn’s “Vomography” digital release might serve as a nice example of why it’s good to be present on social media. OK, we all know the Facebook algorithm will more likely limit your exposure to your audience (in order to push – or, let’s be blunt, force – you to pay for advertisement), but one never knows when his post will reach an interested soul. read more

Anus Tumor/Nephrectomy/Gangrene Discharge (3-way CD split)4

What a surprise – and a pleasant one! I’ve encountered Nephrectomy and Gangrene Discharge previously, so I’d known what to expect, but – thanks to Samuele Lami from Eyes Of The Dead Productions – this was my first time I’ve been exposed to Anus Tumor and their offering, which, although not really goregrind, it’s perfect. read more

4 Ways of Unholy Anal Feast With Pivo Consumption Split (split CDr review)

And who would have expected it – another great release from Testicular Records! Yes, after reviewing Ptoma and their nice “Life” release and 5 way split with Shitstench, Stillborn Granny, Anal Property, Blasted Pancreas and Snuff Corpse Vaginal Puke Collector I’ve received another great split (and for the sake of completion I have to say, I’ve got this from Anal Floss Is Boss along the t-shirt I’ve ordered) – and this time we’re going 4 ways! read more

Enbilulugugal – We Hope You Fvkken Hate It (album review)

I kid you not – I haven’t been so anxiously expecting an album since Nightwish’s “Dark Passion Play”. I know, I shouldn’t admit I like Nightwish, but whatever. OK, I like Nightwish. read more

Uretrocarcinoma – Carcinoma escamoso de uretra metastatico (demo review)

Everyone loves some nice brutal death metal and goregrind. Ok, maybe not everyone, but I certainly can listen to stuff like these four Chilean guys have brought to my attention. And it‘s nice to see new bands popping up left and right to uphold the genre.