cover for Longshot Nelson EP

Longshot Nelson and the Disjoints – Coming For Your Blood (digital release review)

JB Nelson is quite known in the americana gothic/death country/dark folk circles, so I‘m not gonna waste your time with his introduction (though I am planning to talk to the man in not so a distant future), but today we’re gonna have a look at this little release of his. read more

Dog Hand String Band - Slow Poison album cover

Dog Hand String Band – Slow Poison (a digital release review)

Originally I wanted to review this fantastic record earlier, but when you’re driven by your OCD, you have to start from the beginning. Thanks God I don’t plan to review The Rolling Stones or Grateful Dead! Wait, what…? read more

Dog Hand String Band – Tooth n Nail (a digital release review)

After some time, being bombarded with notifications from Bandcamp, I’ve managed to have a look to see what’s new there, as I am following not a few labels and artists there. read more

Jeremiah Crow’s Insufferable One Man Show – Graveside Stories (Remixed & Repossessed) (album review)

Although we‘ve visited the world of Death Roots Syndicate (DRS) previously with our review of Stroszek‘s „A Break in the Day“, truth is, we haven‘t explored properly the creepy, haunted world of dark folk/death country – a genre to which DRS is dedicated. And I think today‘s is the perfect time for getting familiar with one such artist – please, meet Jeremiah Crow. read more

Stroszek – A Break In the Day (digital download, 2011)

The beauty of discovering new music, that‘s how I can describe this release. Stroszek‘s „A Break In the Day“ is a beautiful, melancholic and haunting piece of art. An absolutely fantastic accoustic neofolk brought to life by Claudio Alcara, a member of Frostmoon Eclipse, originally released by Dipsomaniac Records in July 2011 as a digital download.