An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire volume 2 (digital promo review)

It’s been really a looong time since I’d devoted my ear to anything black metal-related (or I might simply not remember), so when I’d been offered a digital copy of this black metal compilation, I could’t have resisted. Why would I, right? read more

Various Artists – The Underworld…and hell is here!!! (CD-R review)

What’s the best thing to do with some money saved? The answer should be evident – do some shopping in the undergroud distros! And as with the already reviewed 5-way split, from my order received from Akné Productions (Slovakia), I’ve put into my player this nice compilation (released by Akné as their 34th release). It’s actually a sequel to the first one (which, unfortunately, I don’t have). Anyway, let’s have a look at this interesting selection. read more