Enbilulugugal – We Hope You Fvkken Hate It (album review)

I kid you not – I haven’t been so anxiously expecting an album since Nightwish’s “Dark Passion Play”. I know, I shouldn’t admit I like Nightwish, but whatever. OK, I like Nightwish. read more

Snuff King – Moomins Make Me Happy (3.5″ floppy disc release)

Yeah, you read that right! This stuff was released on a fucking 3.5” floppy disc? You know what the floppy disc is, don’t you? read more

Chernobog - Nuclear Bloodbath

Chernobog – Nuclear Bloodbath (EP review)

As it was mentioned already (I guess), Enbilulugugal went through a short-lived name change back in the 2001, when it was known as Chernobog, and under this name Izedis and Nebiru have released a nice little EP called “Nuclear Bloodbath”. read more

Necrobestiality/Enbilulugugal – Satan’s Poop (split album review)

Weekend has officially started, bitches!!! What’s better than to crank up some crazy fucked up noise stuff? Well, I have started with Britney Spears (seriously!) but even that kind of extreme music didn’t satisfied my urge to hear some more extreme output out there, and because I am currently going through discography of Enbilulugugal , my choice was clear. read more

Enbilulugugal – Goatsodomy (demo 2000 review)

Dear God, no!!!! Not another Enbilulugugal review! Unfortunately, yes, your worst nightmare came true and we’re jumping headlong into the black muddy swamp of black noise to bring you the experience of the lifetime. read more

Enbilulugugal – Satanic Killing Of Christ in the Pagan Forest on Fullmoon Night (demo review)

Ah, Enbilulugugal! We haven’t reviewed anything from prolific Izedis for a while, right? Last time it was his split (as Static Goat) with Lalemus (but don’t forget also our other review of the split with Tomhet), I guess it’s time to remedy that situation, especially when currently working on a super-mega-hyper-kill-em-all-interview-to-end-all-interviews with the man himself! OK, it will take a while to finish it, but I am sure it will be one kickass chat! read more