Where fire burns eternally: Eternal Kingdom of Fire, volume 5 (digital promo review)

Those of you who read the Rubber Axe regularly, will might recall the review I’ve written for a previous release of this compilation series, namely volume 2. read more

USBM wolves: Disperser and Demo 2021 (a demo review)

Those guys wrote to me back in July, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do anything about it – until now. I guess we’d all agree it’s about time to kick that depression in the ass and get going again. read more

Khalasirna – Demo 2020 (digital review)

Khalasirna demo review is another classic example of social media being used in the right way. You can bitch and moan about how much people spending time with useless stuff online, but the truth is, it’s really a blessing! Why, you ask? read more

An Eternal Kingdom Of Fire volume 2 (digital promo review)

It’s been really a looong time since I’d devoted my ear to anything black metal-related (or I might simply not remember), so when I’d been offered a digital copy of this black metal compilation, I could’t have resisted. Why would I, right? read more

Seed of Cain – The Gracious Misery (digital EP review)

Turkey is nowadays mentioned more because of their country leader Erdogan than anything else, but as the Rubber Axe tries (and so far, successfully) to keep its distance away from politics or religion, we’re gonna have a look at the Turkey’s contribution to music – especially, the underground. read more

Black Fucking Cancer / Gloam – Boundless Arcane Invokations (split review)

The year of 2019 saw some pretty cool releases, and while it’s taken time to check many of those (well, they are really many to check), it’s still better to hear some later than never. read more

Bathyum – Rituals of the Damned (album review)

I have a confession to make. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to this debut album of Bathyum when it was released back in February 2016 and I was like …yeah, this album rules, I will review it! read more

Angmaer – Victoria Aut Mors (digital promo review)

I’m not gonna say how great 2019 was for music, because it would be pointless. It was as great as 2018 and as 2020 will be. Some releases will become classics, some will be hailed for a while, then lost in the passages of time. Business as usual. read more

Tjolgtjar - Hallowen CD cover

Tjolgtjar – Halloween (CD review)

It’s almost Halloweeen (well, at the time of this writing, it’s tomorrow and it’s great, because I have Friday off the work, yay!) and I’d be damned if I don’t spend thime before sleep with some appropriate music. And it’s finally time I can put that little disc I’ve got from J. R. into the player, because what is better (OK, except putting the original Carpenter’s score on repeat loop) than Tjolgtjar’s surprising album from 2007 titled, well… “Halloween”? read more

Thurthul – Heritage & Blood (EP review)

Thurthul is a one-man black metal project (All instruments and Vocals by Grief) that comes off a lot better than 90 % of the other ones that exist today. Out of the 33,000,033 one-man black metal projects from say 2015 until now, this one stands out at the top of a heap. read more