WitcheR/Velm (a split album review)

After a little break we’re back on the track with yet another interesting release from WitcheR’s discography. The last time, if you remember, we’ve been dealing with their split with Vrag, and now it’s another split, this time with another Hungarian project, Velm. read more

WitcheR/Vrag – Hőseinkért (split review)

And just when you might have started to think I’ve forgotten about to continue my reviews of WitcheR discography, I’m back! After the “Boszorkánytánc”, it’s not only WitcheR this time, as “Hőseinkért“ is a split between Roland’s and Karola’s project and Roland’s solo work (Vrag). read more

WitcheR – Boszorkánytánc (album review)

With next demo (from 2011, re-released with added outro in 2013) there are two possible ways to look at it: first, there’s not much change from the debut “Útalan utakon” (reviewed here) and that’s great, and the second, there’s not much change, why bother?
Well, fortunately I belong to the first camp and I enjoy this atmospheric black metal piece for what it is. Boszorkánytánc – as you might know from one of my posts – was actually my first encounter with this Hungarian duo. read more

WitcheR – Úttalan utakon (2010 demo review)

Recently I’ve encountered – and familiarized myself a little – with this nice atmospheric black metal project from Hungary by the name of WitcheR. Well, I pretty much like anything from atmospheric and symphonic black metal genre, so when I’ve ordered some stuff from Akné Productions (by the way, you can read the interview with its owner, Wayne, here), I’ve got myself a Cdr re-release of their 2011 demo Boszorkánytánc as well..and that’s how I’ve got to know this project. read more

Barkasth – Hear My Void (digital promo review)

This one is with me for some time, and finally I’ve kicked myself in the ass to give it a listen. That’s not a fault of Barkasth, I just haven’t been in a mood for black metal storm lately. read more

Angmaer – Victoria Aut Mors (digital promo review)

I’m not gonna say how great 2019 was for music, because it would be pointless. It was as great as 2018 and as 2020 will be. Some releases will become classics, some will be hailed for a while, then lost in the passages of time. Business as usual. read more

Spell Of Dark – The Vastness (digital album review)

I won’t say I need a break from gorenoise stuff, but we all might agree some nice variability in genres is in order, and I see we’re really low on black metal…so black metal it will be – right now and right here. And why the hell not? read more

Blutfeld – Kingdom of Mine (EP review)

Well, after a little unplanned break, which took longer than I’d like, Rubber Axe is back and what’s better than to jump into the action with some nice review, right? read more

Spell of Dark – Journey Into The Depths of Winter (EP review)

Well, well, well… what do we have here? Vlad, the guy behind Spell of Dark, has sent me a digital promo of his 2017 EP for a review, and although I haven’t been able to review it at the time I actually wanted (because, as we all know, life happens), I am glad I’ve found the time and listen to it. And it’s probably for the better, as I am definitely in the mood to embrace this kind of stuff. read more

atmospheric black metal Forlorn Citadel

Forlorn Citadel – Songs of Mourning (digital release review)


I haven’t reviewed anything from the atmospheric black metal genre or any Dungeon Synth releases (which Forlorn Citadel represents), and it’s a shame. The only thing close was my review of Enbilulugugal/Tomhet split, but close is simply not the same. read more