Dog Hand String Band - Slow Poison album cover

Dog Hand String Band – Slow Poison (a digital release review)

Originally I wanted to review this fantastic record earlier, but when you’re driven by your OCD, you have to start from the beginning. Thanks God I don’t plan to review The Rolling Stones or Grateful Dead! Wait, what…? read more

skulls on the CD cover

Dies Holocaustum – Scorched Promised Land (digital album review)

Since I’ve arrived to the UK I’d been wondering why metal is not more popular on these shores. Think about it – how many great metal bands from Britain you know? Yeah, exactly, quite a loads from basically every metal genre. But, unfortunately, metal is definitely underground here in the UK. Good thing? Bad? Hard to say, but what’s definitely a great thing is the fact there are so many bands to discover in what amounts to almost endless suply. read more

Dog Hand String Band – Tooth n Nail (a digital release review)

After some time, being bombarded with notifications from Bandcamp, I’ve managed to have a look to see what’s new there, as I am following not a few labels and artists there. read more

Bathyum – Rituals of the Damned (album review)

I have a confession to make. I’ve had the opportunity to listen to this debut album of Bathyum when it was released back in February 2016 and I was like …yeah, this album rules, I will review it! read more

At Their Mercy – Disawowed (digital release review)

Do you recall my review of Aggressus’ 2008 demo I’ve posted the other day? Well, if you do, good news for you, At Their Mercy’s artillery is served by the same guy, Dominic “Dom” Hardy. And I have to say he has his hands full here as well! read more

Aggressus – Cleansing of the Mind (demo review)

When I’ve decided to change my playlist for a moment and was looking for some good thrash metal from the UK, I’d encounter quite a few bands no longer existing. Shame, but I guess that’s life. read more

Angmaer – Victoria Aut Mors (digital promo review)

I’m not gonna say how great 2019 was for music, because it would be pointless. It was as great as 2018 and as 2020 will be. Some releases will become classics, some will be hailed for a while, then lost in the passages of time. Business as usual. read more