The Trouser Cops – Moloko-xetamine EP (digital release review)

The electro/industrial punk duo going under the name of The Trouser Cops went to quite lengths to reach me for a review, I would be a dickhead not to give their stuff a listen. read more

Fallen Baby Angel

Fallen Baby Angel – drag light in the darkness (digital release review)

I’ve got a notification from the Bandcamp about Fallen Baby Angel material being just released today, and having nothing particularly important to do, I’ve decided to check it out, because, you know…why not? read more

Projekt203 – Demolačná čata (USB release review)

Starting off with “Memento Mori” Sissi’s voice entrances me and I’m already caught in a spell… at the 1:00 mark the music hits in a different, surprising way which I found extremely cool. I love being blindsided like that. When Ondrej’s voice hits I said “hell yes!” And then they both duet, and all is right with the world. read more

ViVi Vex

ViVi Vex – Transmission 1: Iconoclastic F4g0t (EP review)

Been sent this via my IG account and as I haven’t listened to anything EBM/electronic related for quite a some time, you know, there’s really no reason not to give it a try. read more

I Ya Toyah – Code Blue (album review)

You should know by now (and if you don’t, the you’ll never, never know), the Rubber Axe webzine is quite broad in its embrace of various genres. If something resonates with us, then it’s good and we’ll definitely want to write about it. read more

Liya – Listen (digital release)

How long was it since we review anything electronic? Quite long, I guess, but thanks to William Zimmerman from New Dark Ages PR I have an opportunity to immerse myself into the sweet notes of artificial sounds and sound landscapes. Here comes Liya. read more

Inside Group – One and Zero (CD review)

Not that long ago I’ve received this nice digipack from my friend Peci Uher, the main person behind this band/project. He was instrumental years before in Slovak melodic death/doom metal band from Humenne (my home town) called Daybreak and although they never made it to be a really big/well-known band, they left behind a nice legacy with their only demo (and a promo). read more

Twice (트와이스) – Twicecoaster: Lane One (EP review)

I distinctly remember when Twice’s first single “Like OOH-AHH(OOH-AHH하게)” was unleashed upon Earth. read more

PROJEKT203 – Replay (2000-2016) (digital release review)

Projekt203 is a band I didn’t know of until recently, when my friend and Rubber Axe’s editor-in-chief Rudolf turned me on to them. He knows my love of female-fronted pop acts, and suggested this band. read more

NKOTB – Merry, Merry Christmas (album review)

I guess I should write this review a few months ago, shouldn’t I? Anyway, in our mapping out the (not so comprehensive) history of boybands (and girlbands), and particularly the history of NKOTB, i. e. New Kids On The Block (for those of you born too late to register them), we’re coming to the now usual staple of modern mainstream music – Christmas album. read more