Fragment Soul – Axiom of Choice (a review)

The link for these Greek doom melancholics arrived to my mailbox a long time ago, and I’ve almost forgotten about it. Yes, I know. Im am irresponsible sometimes. read more

Malauriu – Malauriu (a 2022 album review)

Recently I’ve lent my ear to some nice black metal releases, so when I’ve got this promo from Italy for a review, it’s been only a matter of time when it will attack both my ears. read more

Costectomy/Nyctophagia – “Drone Hunting Missionaries For Sport” (a 2021 split review)

After some time spent checking not so usual music with my other webpage Indokult, dedicated to the Indonesian music , I’ve started craving some more unhinged underground music again. To be precise, good old goregrind and gorenoise. No, I won’t call it a “fix”, haha, but truth is – sometimes it’s just what the doctor has ordered. You know…going full circle and so forth… read more

VA – Gorenoise megasplit vol. 1

It’s been quite a while since I’d reviewed anything gorenoise related. Gorenoise Megasplit volume 1, the compilation I’m going to write a few words about, was sent to me by our friends in the Italian label Nosevomit Records quite a long time ago, and I am ashamed to have waited for so long before reviewing it. Well, time to wait is over, let’s have a look how ugly this boy turned out to be! read more

Where fire burns eternally: Eternal Kingdom of Fire, volume 5 (digital promo review)

Those of you who read the Rubber Axe regularly, will might recall the review I’ve written for a previous release of this compilation series, namely volume 2. read more

USBM wolves: Disperser and Demo 2021 (a demo review)

Those guys wrote to me back in July, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do anything about it – until now. I guess we’d all agree it’s about time to kick that depression in the ass and get going again. read more

Ryosuke Kiyasu – Continue as Though it were Flowing Water (digital promo review)

One half Sete Star Sept, Ryosuke Kiyasu and his improvisation drumming release “Continue as Though it were Flowing Water” is the second of the 3 new limited releases from the Austrian label Magnesia Nova label from Salzburg. read more

Institution D.O.L. – The Thelema Tales (CD review)

If you remember, we’ve already published an Institution D.O.L. review once (see here), and because I am in a mood for a little not-so-usual aural experience, I’ve decided to put this CD into the player and see what’s gonna happen. read more

WitcheR/Velm (a split album review)

After a little break we’re back on the track with yet another interesting release from WitcheR’s discography. The last time, if you remember, we’ve been dealing with their split with Vrag, and now it’s another split, this time with another Hungarian project, Velm. read more

WitcheR/Vrag – Hőseinkért (split review)

And just when you might have started to think I’ve forgotten about to continue my reviews of WitcheR discography, I’m back! After the “Boszorkánytánc”, it’s not only WitcheR this time, as “Hőseinkért“ is a split between Roland’s and Karola’s project and Roland’s solo work (Vrag). read more