My Name is Pecos (a movie review)

If you follow the Rubber Axe webzine’s stuff, you know that lately I’ve been reading and writing reviews of the spaghetti western publications (for example, here) put out by Mike Hauss and that somehow aroused my interest in watching a few more of them. read more

Una pistola per cento croci! (movie review)

To say that my viewings of western is poor is an understatement. Except from obligatory three Winnetou movies (OK, four, counting also the Treasure of Silver Lake), which were a staple diet of almost all kids back in the commie Czechoslovakia (interestingly, all those available were dubbed into Czech, but only those 4 were showed in cinemas in 1980s. I remember I’ve seen Winnetou (the first one) and The Desperado Trail (also known as the Last Shot), but the second, Last of the Renegades (also known as The Red Gentleman) has eluded me for years before I’d finally seen it. read more