Target (a 2018 movie review)

Oh well, that’s something to talk about! Target, an Indonesian production from 2018, has appeared on Netflix (and thanks a lot for this and other Asian movies available through that streaming platform!) and because I was in a mood – again – to watch some Indonesian horror (after being quite disappointed with Iko Uwais’ 2018 movie “The Night Comes for Us” I’ve watched a few days before), I’ve chosen this movie. And why not right? read more

Chain Reaction (a movie review)

Chain Reaction can refer to a few movies, so to clarify the situation, we’re gonna talk about 1996 movie starring Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz and Morgan Freeman. And it took me a while to get it on DVD! At least, for a decent price, you know…but, luckily, I’ve found a 3-movie pack (along with Johny Mnemonic and Point Break, so, yay…happy days!) read more

Locusts (a 2005 TV movie review)

It’s not that you don’t have anything else to watch, far from it, but sometimes it just takes some silly little movie to make your day better. One of such movies for me was the 2005 TV movie Locusts, starring Lucy Lawless. read more

We Summon The Darkness (a movie review)

Hell yeah, finally a movie about metalheads for metalheads! OK, that might be a little exaggerated, but let’s discuss things from the start, shall we? read more

A Bay Of Blood (movie review)

OK. Yesterday was the day I sat down and watched A Bay Of Blood (a.k.a. Ecologia del delitto, a.k.a. Reazione a catena), the Mario Bava’s movie hailed as a proto-slasher and by many regarded as a cult classic, and one of the former Video Nasties of the 1980s era. read more

Bare Knuckles movie poster

Bare Knuckles (a movie review)

I’ve come across this 1977 movie while perusing materials from the great Something Weird Video (a trailer for this flick was included in Dusk to Dawn Trash-O-Rama volume 1) and because why the hell not, I’ve decided to watch it. I couldn’t find it on a DVD though, but luckily someone uploaded it to Youtube (that’s actually one thing I so hate…trying to get some film just to find out it was never officially released on DVD/Blu, and copies available are basically just grey market copies). read more

House Guest (movie review)

House Guest, a.k.a. House Guest Massacre is one of those independent little or no budget movies floating around, especially in the internet age, and I was brave enough to sit down and watch it. read more