VelociPastor (a movie review)

I think everyone knows what’s going on if you drop the term “batshit crazy”. There are quite a few movies carrying this designation proudly like a torch through the cinematic age, and one of the latest carriers of this label is the little movie called VelociPastor. read more

Ninja Showdown (movie review)

Ninjas!! A staple of genre movies in the 80s, how can you not love them! Well, as you know, I came to serious movie watching only later in the game due to my background (yeah, a commie country), but I clearly remember watching American Ninja (also known on bootlegs as American Warrior) with Michael Dudikoff. Great times indeed! read more

Simply Ninja 3: Nine Death of the Ninja (movie review)

As I‘ve said it previously with my review of Ninja III: The Domination, there was a phase in my life (and I sure as hell was not alone) that ninja movies were one of my favourite genre, if not the most favourite. I also remember this flick being mentioned to me with the notion – it‘s not as good as the other movies with Sho Kosugi. read more

Simply Ninja 2: Ninja III: The Domination (movie review)

I am pretty much in the mood of reliving my very early teen age when anything ninja ruled. No, seriously, end of 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, that was the time I (along with a few of my friends) have spent time watching a lot of movies – horrors, actioners, martial arts and talk about ninja fascination – back then any movie with martial arts ruled and ninja movies were the cream of the crop, no discussion allowed! At least for me and my two close friends, we were watching ninja flicks whenever we could lay our hands on. And it‘s great to be able to re-watch them again. It‘s been almost 30 years I‘d seen this kick-ass flick – which I‘m gonna share my thoughts about with you – on a bootleg tape (well, what a surprise back then), courtesy of my luckier friend with a videoplayer, but I could recall almost the whole movie still! read more

Simply Ninja!: Rage of Honor (a movie review)

Nothing can bring out both feelings of nostalgia and of relaxing peace of mind than a nice little flick from 1980s. And today we’ll talk have just such one here. read more