Kung Fu Vampire (a movie review)

First, the confession. I watched Kung Fu Vampire today – again. For the third time. Not that it’s that good, the simple reason behind it is …it’s quite forgettable and I couldn’t recall what it was about. So, yeah, to get you that knowledge, I’ve sat down and watch it again. Let’s have a look together read more

Fist of Steel (a movie review)

With Fist of Steel, what we have here it’s not the 1989 movie Fists of Steel with Carlos Palomino and Henry Silva, this singular fist has Cynthia Khan and Dale Cook starring in the 1992 movie (although sometimes the year of release is stated as 1991, so pick your favourite) directed by Teddy Page (under the pseudonym Irving Johnson). So that should clear any confusion one might have. Oh, and sometimes it’s known as Eternal Fist. You’re welcome. read more

In The Line Of Duty (movie review)

Truth to be told, I haven’t seen a nice not-totally-old-school but still older martial arts flick in ages! So, when I’ve managed to have some time on Friday night (which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like), I’d decided to re-visit one of the moves I’ve seen as a kid in post-commie Czechoslovakia, as this one (and a couple of others) were among the first ones being officially released on VHS. read more

Simply Ninja 3: Nine Death of the Ninja (movie review)

As I‘ve said it previously with my review of Ninja III: The Domination, there was a phase in my life (and I sure as hell was not alone) that ninja movies were one of my favourite genre, if not the most favourite. I also remember this flick being mentioned to me with the notion – it‘s not as good as the other movies with Sho Kosugi. read more

Simply Ninja 2: Ninja III: The Domination (movie review)

I am pretty much in the mood of reliving my very early teen age when anything ninja ruled. No, seriously, end of 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, that was the time I (along with a few of my friends) have spent time watching a lot of movies – horrors, actioners, martial arts and talk about ninja fascination – back then any movie with martial arts ruled and ninja movies were the cream of the crop, no discussion allowed! At least for me and my two close friends, we were watching ninja flicks whenever we could lay our hands on. And it‘s great to be able to re-watch them again. It‘s been almost 30 years I‘d seen this kick-ass flick – which I‘m gonna share my thoughts about with you – on a bootleg tape (well, what a surprise back then), courtesy of my luckier friend with a videoplayer, but I could recall almost the whole movie still! read more