VelociPastor (a movie review)

I think everyone knows what’s going on if you drop the term “batshit crazy”. There are quite a few movies carrying this designation proudly like a torch through the cinematic age, and one of the latest carriers of this label is the little movie called VelociPastor. read more

two persons and asteroid impact

Asteroid vs. Earth (a movie review)

Well, they don’t make them like this anymore…wait, they do! It’s hard to say if it’s a good thing or a bad one, but they do make them like this still. read more

Deathstalker 2 (a movie review)

Ladies and gentlemen, please, welcome Jim Wynorski once again! And I do mean it in a positive way, because what we have here is one of the best fun movies you can watch. It’s time we talk about Deathstalker 2. read more

Demon Queen (a movie review)

I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t make them like they’ve used anymore. Demon Queen, the 1986 debut feature from American SOV filmmaker Donald Farmer is a prime example of what that oft-ridiculed, but a potent niche genre offers. read more

Deathstalker (a movie review)

Adventure movies with strong heroes were nothing new even in the beginning of the 1980s, but the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan in Conan the Barbarian in 1982 has brought a fresh air for the exploitation genre worldwide – and for us, movie fans, a new genre: sword & sorcery. read more

Doom: Annihilation (a movie review)

If you remember good old 1990s and were using computers back then, chances are you remember Wolfenstein 3D. And if so, you certainly remember Doom and its sequel, Doom 2: Hell on Earth. We’re talking about the great age of PC games. Obviously, the franchise has spread to consoles as well and now the new version, called Doom Eternal. read more

Bounty Hunter 2002 (a movie review)

Well, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore…they probably do, though, as the low budget filmmaking is pretty much alive and well all over the world, but these little B-, C-…Z-grade movies from the 1990s have their peculiar charm for all of us growing up as teens in those times. read more

The Encounter (a movie review)

The 2015 found footage movie The Encounter (written and directed by Robert Conway) is a quite interesting example of how untrustworthy the ratings on movie reviewing sites (in this case, IMDB) might sometimes be.
But not to get ahead too quickly, I’ve come upon Robert Conway’s name when checking Tiffany Shepis’ filmography (while writing the review of Scarecrow you can read here) and because I have a lot of respect for independent everything – from doing films, to making and releasing music or doing books or zines – I’ve decided to give his work a try. read more

Scarecrow (a movie review)

Is there anyone not familiar with The Asylum? You know, The Asylum, the movie producer and distributor? Well, I guess after the success of Sharknado there might still be a few of those totally immune to what’s been going on in a last few years, but I know our readers are better than that. read more

The Horror Convention Massacre (a movie review)

Let’s be blunt here, OK? The Horror Convention Massacre, the movie I’m gonna review here for your reading pleasure, it’s a low budget movie. Very low budget, to be more precise. Therefore, to bitch about CGI (there’s none), this or that – keep it for the next Star Wars installment, here we’re dealing with a work of love. read more