VelociPastor (a movie review)

I think everyone knows what’s going on if you drop the term “batshit crazy”. There are quite a few movies carrying this designation proudly like a torch through the cinematic age, and one of the latest carriers of this label is the little movie called VelociPastor. read more

Demon Queen (a movie review)

I’ve said it previously and I’ll say it again. They don’t make them like they’ve used anymore. Demon Queen, the 1986 debut feature from American SOV filmmaker Donald Farmer is a prime example of what that oft-ridiculed, but a potent niche genre offers. read more

The Encounter (a movie review)

The 2015 found footage movie The Encounter (written and directed by Robert Conway) is a quite interesting example of how untrustworthy the ratings on movie reviewing sites (in this case, IMDB) might sometimes be.
But not to get ahead too quickly, I’ve come upon Robert Conway’s name when checking Tiffany Shepis’ filmography (while writing the review of Scarecrow you can read here) and because I have a lot of respect for independent everything – from doing films, to making and releasing music or doing books or zines – I’ve decided to give his work a try. read more

The Horror Convention Massacre (a movie review)

Let’s be blunt here, OK? The Horror Convention Massacre, the movie I’m gonna review here for your reading pleasure, it’s a low budget movie. Very low budget, to be more precise. Therefore, to bitch about CGI (there’s none), this or that – keep it for the next Star Wars installment, here we’re dealing with a work of love. read more

House Guest (movie review)

House Guest, a.k.a. House Guest Massacre is one of those independent little or no budget movies floating around, especially in the internet age, and I was brave enough to sit down and watch it. read more