The Bird with the Crystal Plumage (a movie review)

Dario Argento. When I’ve started to pay attention to movies more closely, to learn about actors, directors, producers, what have you, I’ve read (and to this read I am reading) a lot of press and web stuff – reviews, monographies, biographies…you know, the usual stuff and that’s how I’ve learnt a lot about movies I’d normally don’t watch or don’t have desire to pick up. And, on the other side, learnt a thing or two about stuff I love and prefer. read more

A Bay Of Blood (movie review)

OK. Yesterday was the day I sat down and watched A Bay Of Blood (a.k.a. Ecologia del delitto, a.k.a. Reazione a catena), the Mario Bava’s movie hailed as a proto-slasher and by many regarded as a cult classic, and one of the former Video Nasties of the 1980s era. read more

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (movie review)

Sometimes it’s nice to not rush things and just enjoy them in the right moment. I had the 3-disc version of this movie (containing the original Italian version and also AIP American version under the title “Evil Eye”) from Arrow Video for some time now, but I haven’t had the opportunity to watch it. read more