VelociPastor (a movie review)

I think everyone knows what’s going on if you drop the term “batshit crazy”. There are quite a few movies carrying this designation proudly like a torch through the cinematic age, and one of the latest carriers of this label is the little movie called VelociPastor. read more

We Summon The Darkness (a movie review)

Hell yeah, finally a movie about metalheads for metalheads! OK, that might be a little exaggerated, but let’s discuss things from the start, shall we? read more

Sunset Cove (movie review)

The beauty of one’s discovering previously not even fathomed cinema and its gems brings a great urge to go and sample stuff one normally doesn’t. You know, instead of gorging on modern blockbusters filled with current megastars and CGI effects, suddenly one is getting familiar with directors, actors and movies of era long gone. read more

Chopping Mall (movie review)

Reviewing The Lost Empire, a directorial debut of Jim Wynorski, again I’ve felt the great joy of being entertained. I’m talking about that genuine love and appreciation of B-movies, hell, even Z-grade drecks, if you will… that most of the times is lacking in the production nowadays. Or it seems like it to me. More money, better technology, less originality, less entertainment value. Not always, but most of the time. read more

The Lost Empire (movie review)

Jim Wynorski is The Man and that’s the fact. Why? Because almost anybody can make a movie given enough money and time, but it takes a genius to do a likeable low-budget flick. And because there are still quite a few of his movies I haven’t watched yet, one nice rainy day I have decided to remedy that situation and sit down to enjoy his directorial debut The Lost Empire. read more

Teenage Exorcist (movie review)

They don’t do them like that anymore, I guess. You know, those little silly movies with fantastic titles and storylines which don’t always deliver, with humour which made you (albeit ocassionally) chuckle and a gratituous portion of T&A for all those teenage boys to engage…well, you’ve got the picture, right? read more

Abbot and Costello Go to Mars (movie review)

If you‘ve read my review (OK, more like a recommendation) for the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film by Michael Weldon, there‘s a thing to know. Abbot and Costello Go to Mars opens the listings. So obviously, my OCD or whatever it is commands to follow it from A to Z exactly as it is. Well, here we go. read more