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Fist of Steel (a movie review)

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With Fist of Steel, what we have here it’s not the 1989 movie Fists of Steel with Carlos Palomino and Henry Silva, this singular fist has Cynthia Khan and Dale Cook starring in the 1992 movie (although sometimes the year of release is stated as 1991, so pick your favourite) directed by Teddy Page (under the pseudonym Irving Johnson). So that should clear any confusion one might have. Oh, and sometimes it’s known as Eternal Fist. You’re welcome. read more

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In The Line Of Duty (movie review)

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Truth to be told, I haven’t seen a nice not-totally-old-school but still older martial arts flick in ages! So, when I’ve managed to have some time on Friday night (which doesn’t happen as often as I’d like), I’d decided to re-visit one of the moves I’ve seen as a kid in post-commie Czechoslovakia, as this one (and a couple of others) were among the first ones being officially released on VHS. read more

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The Lost Empire (movie review)

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Jim Wynorski is The Man and that’s the fact. Why? Because almost anybody can make a movie given enough money and time, but it takes a genius to do a likeable low-budget flick. And because there are still quite a few of his movies I haven’t watched yet, one nice rainy day I have decided to remedy that situation and sit down to enjoy his directorial debut The Lost Empire. read more