The Queen’s Conjuror (a book review)

The Queen’s Conjuror, subtitled “The Life and Magic of Dr. Dee” by Benjamin Woolley is a book about, well, Dr. John Dee. And it’s really true to the subtitle, as the whole volume tracks no only the life of the famous occultist and alchemyst, but we have also a chance to glimpse into the other spirit world through his adventures with skrying with the help of other famous person in this venture, Edward Kelley. Or do we? read more

Spaghetti westerns 1 cover

Michael Hauss – Spaghetti Westerns! Volume 1 (a book/zine review)

It’s a book, it’s a zine…it’s a bookzine!!! OK, I’ve gone a little too artistic on this, but the truth is – it’s a truly true statement! Hm…I need to stop trying to be funny now, let’s get serious. Because this publication deserves a serious treatment. read more

peplum movies book cover

Italian Sword and Sandal Films, 1908 – 1990 (a book review)

Although most of metalheads would class themselves as horror fans (and the gorier the better), myself – although I won’t refuse watching horror anytime – I am more of a general movie enthusiast. But I really like adventure movies, especially classic ones. So it was a no brainer to delve into so-called “peplum” movies (mostly produced in Italy) and to my surprise, there are not that many great reference books devoted to that genre. I’ve had a possibility to read Of Muscles and Men: Essays on the Sword and Sandal Film by Michael G. Cornelius and I’ve closed the book not even finishing the Introduction. Nope, if you are just a normal, movie loving person, stay clear of academic tomes. The other choice for my was this one I am gonna review for you today. read more

FilmBRAWL (a book review)

When it comes to culture, one just can’t get enough. And I’m not gonna argue about it. You either are mad about it or not. There is no middle ground. At least not with me. read more

Dr. Gregory L. Reece – Weird Science and Bizarre Beliefs ~(a book review)

One has to agree that “suggested” stuff on Amazon has its advantages when it comes to spending your hard earned moolah on things you just have to own. And that’s how I’ve came to own this nice book about, well, weird science and bizarre beliefs! No kidding, the title says it all and it’s correct. read more

David M. Ewalt – Of Dice And Men (a book review)

Many, many summers ago, when I was just a kid – and before the advent of home computers, the past-time was usually spent by reading books, playing outside (well, it was not that dangerous back then), watching what little kiddie entertainment was on our TVs or playing games – card games and/or boardgames. Nothing too complicated, but it did the trick. read more

Richard Kadrey – Covert Culture 2.0 (book review)

There is never enough of review/reference books and Richard Kadrey knew it. Therefore he’s brought also the sequel of sorts to his Covert Culture book from 1993, fittingly named Covert Culture 2.0, and it was out in 1994. Yep, it’s also outdated, but also a real treat. read more

Richard Kadrey – Covert Culture Sourcebook (book review)

What’s the point of reviewing a book which is way outdated? Good question.

It all falls nicely into place(s). I’ve found this book mentioned in an old issue of Psychotronic Video magazine (which, in turn, I’ve found thanks to my before-unknown interest in not-so-mainstream movies) and because I am keen reader of catalogues, especially book catalogues, it goes without saying I’ve simply needed to check this book. read more

Martin Popoff – The Big Book of HAIR METAL (book review)

I remember writing a short review of this great publication before, but recently I felt the urge to get it back in my hands as I wanted to peruse it again to find some glam metal. And you can bet your ass there is loads to discover! read more

Trash Cinema book cover

Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces


Today I want to talk about “Trash Cinema: A Celebration of Overlooked Masterpieces”, which is a compendium put together by editors Andrew J. Rausch and R. D. Riley. This book was published in 2015 both in hardcover and softcover editions (plus e-book, of course) by an US publisher BearManor Media. The book contains 55 articles/essays about various movies we can label “trash cinema”, from the Golden era of 1950s to the fairly new ones. read more