Richard Kadrey – Covert Culture Sourcebook (book review)

What’s the point of reviewing a book which is way outdated? Good question.

It all falls nicely into place(s). I’ve found this book mentioned in an old issue of Psychotronic Video magazine (which, in turn, I’ve found thanks to my before-unknown interest in not-so-mainstream movies) and because I am keen reader of catalogues, especially book catalogues, it goes without saying I’ve simply needed to check this book. read more

Sean A. Moore – Conan the Hunter (book review)

Not so long ago I’ve reviewed a book by Sean A. Moore titled Conan and the Shaman’s Curse. Upon the perusal of the mighty Google I’ve found that this author, before his premature death in the car accident, had penned two more of Conan stories, Conan the Hunter and Conan (before the aforementioned book) and the Grim Grey God (the third in the row). And because I quite liked what I’ve read, it goes without saying I’ve tried to get other two books to enhance my reading pleasure. read more

Sean A. Moore – Conan and the Shaman’s Curse (book review)

You know what really angers me? Nothing less than the fact there are so many things I want to accomplish – and so little time to do that! And it seems the older I am even less time is there. read more

LJ Sellers – The Sex Club (book review)

I have to say that reading The Digest Enthusiast (the review of which you could read in Rubber Axe as well) has ignited in me an urge to read some nice fiction as well. It was quite a long time ago when I did that, as I usually read only various reference books and non-fiction stuff. Well, for some strange reason I’ve longed for some crime fiction. read more